Student Involvement

Professors in the environmental studies discipline offer many unique opportunities to undergraduate students at Whittier College. There are many opportunities for students to conduct research with their professors that they can then present at research fairs such as URSCA. Many students even get their research published in environmental journals.  


The career counselors who work in the Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development partner with students who are wanting to gain internship or fellowship experience within the environmental studies discipline and also will help students build their resumes. Students in the natural sciences have gone all over the country, interning and gaining from some of the top tier universities, labs, and hospitals.


Professors also lead study abroad trips to other countries that focus on environmental issues. In January 2017, Professors Cinzia Fissore and Ivannia Soto led a trip to Costa Rica in which they studied hydroelectric power and sustainable energy use. Costa Rica relies primarily on renewable energy for their energy needs so this was a great way for students to see first hand how other countries are utilizing alternative forms of energy.