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Students, Faculty, and Staff at Whittier College are constantly working on implementing sustainability efforts on Campus. Learn more and get involved with different clubs and organizations on and off campus to advocate for sustainability on Campus.


Campus Improvement & Activities (CIA) – CIA “is a major programming body for residence and funds various endeavors in pursuit of enhancing the quality of life on campus. Contact:

Food Recovery Network – Food Recovery Network “unites students on college campuses to fight waste and feed people by donating the surplus unsold food from their colleges and donating it to hungry Americans. Founded in 2011, FRN has grown to include chapters at more than 95 colleges and universities in 26 states, DC and Puerto Rico that have recovered over 400,000 pounds of food.The club works with on-campus dining halls and other, off-campus eateries to divert food from the landfill to community members in need, while also raising awareness on issues of food waste and hunger in America. Contact:

Whittier College Sustainability Club “The focus of the Whittier College Sustainability Club is to raise awareness for how to manage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through projects, fundraisers, and field trips we will incorporate this idea into our academics, our community, and ourselves as members of society. WCSC will be working closely with faculty in various departments to help students learn about sustainability and how to support self-sufficient businesses. Contact: “

Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) Senate Committees:

Environmental Committee: Contact:

“The Social Justice Coalition is an alliance of voluntary student groups dedicated to deepening the practice of service (based on the mutually-beneficial exchange of knowledge, information and resources) and to the pursuit of projects and activities that advocate and promote: fairness and equity in the protection of civil and human rights and underserved communities; the empowerment of individuals, especially children and youth, in accessing educational, personal, and economic opportunity in order for them to realize their full potential; and actions that develop an understanding that care for the environment is everyone’s responsibility and that environmental challenges lead to humanitarian crises that threaten the safety and well-being of communities. Meetings The Social Justice Coalition meets once a month on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. For minutes and resources visit the SJC Portal. Contact:”


Current Volunteer / Intern / Fellowship opportunities on and off campus:

“Environmental Activist Job Opportunity: TEXAS CAMPAIGN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT (TCE) is fighting for real environmental protections while politicians are making vague promises about what they will do if elected. You can dedicate your time to a candidate with whom you “kind of agree with on some issues if he/she has the attention span to remember campaign promises,” or you can join the biggest, baddest environmental activist group in Texas that works year round to accomplish what elected officials can not or will not. Click here.”

“Environmental Services Intern: California State Coastal Conservancy : The Environmental Services Intern is a nine-month position at the Coastal Conservancy. The incumbent will assist Conservancy staff with management of projects that restore coastal habitats, increase public access for all Californians, help communities adapt to climate change and sea level rise, and also assist with outreach and communication about the projects and programs of the Conservancy. The internship provides entry-level experience in the conservation field at a state agency, with opportunities to network with many other organizations engaged in work to protect and restore the California Coast and San Francisco Bay Area and increase opportunities for public access to natural areas, especially for urban communities. “