Motion Sensor Lighting Costs

Motion Sensor Lights in the Dorms

We estimate that across the seven dorms there are approximately 478 light fixtures in the hallways and 204 light fixtures in the bathrooms, for total of 682 light fixtures. However, Wanberg’s hallways already feature motion sensitive lights, as well as Stauffer’s and Harris’s bathrooms, thus reducing the estimate of total lighting fixtures to approximately 560. At a cost of $180 per light fixture, the replacement of the light fixtures alone would cost about $100,800 ($180 X 560). Then given that each sensor takes about an hour to install and labor is estimated at $25 per hour, the cost of installing the sensors would be about $14,000 ($25 X 560). Thus, the total replacement cost is estimated to be $114,800.

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We ask that the college invest in updating all of the dorm hallways and bathrooms to motion sensor lighting. If the project is completed over seven years, mirroring the dorm improvement plan, then the college would only need to allocate approximately $16,400($114,800 / 7) dollars per year for the update. The update will continue to help reduce energy consumption and cost of energy on campus.

*Please note: Campus facilities did not have an estimate regarding the number of light fixtures on campus and these numbers are based on observational data collection conducted by Whittier College Students.