SLC: Sustainability Efforts

 New Building Efficiencies

Whittier College is partnering with Southern California Edison’s Energy Savings by Design program to employ energy conservation efforts in the building. To ensure that only the necessary amounts of cooled and heated air are distributed, two centralized air control units with several manageable fans will be inserted. In order to isolate the heat load from the structure, exceedingly resourceful variable fluid volume heat pumps will be added in server and equipment rooms. Ana Lilia Barraza, Director of the Office of Communication states: “Numerous amounts of Lineal feet of metal ductwork will be laser cut by CNC machines to minimize metal waste during fabrication. Large metal fabrications and equipment installed in the building will be certified for recycling and reuse.”

Double glazed windows and curtain wall glazing will be installed in order to reduce the loss of heat and for insulation. Proficiently organized wall designs include insulation, vapor barriers and low emissivity glass coatings. The building will also have a managing system that will organize the turning on and off of heat and cool settings .  The system will also be responsible for providing the lighting for the building only when they are needed.

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Solar panels were given consideration, however the solar panels didn’t prove sustainable because of the substantial roof space and the payback period. However, the cost of energy produced per square foot of panel continues to progress, which gives the campus hope for panels when the campus has achieved the funds for it.

According to Barraza, the lights in the building will include low energy lighting and efficient, reflective luminaires that provide high light levels with low energy consumption. The structure will have both fluorescent and LED lights.The LED lights will be implemented with metal vapor lighting in the areas for parking.

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