What You Can Do!

How You Can Do Your Part In Saving the World!

Saving energy isn’t just a way to save a couple bucks on your electricity bill, by using less you’re not only helping yourself but lessening the need for large power plants.



  1. Unplug your chargers – Even if you’ve unplugged your device from them the charger still draws power trying to charge a device that is no longer connected to it.
  2. Use energy efficient light bulbs – Even if they are more expensive they will last longer and save you money on your electricity bill so they’re worth every penny.
  3. Do several loads of laundry at once – It takes loads of energy to heat the dryer up after letting it cool down, so no one load is finished immediately put in the next one to not waste any energy.
  4. Put your computer to sleep – Like humans, machines want to rest sometimes too, but if turning it completely off is a problem at least put the computer into sleep o hibernation mode. This will save you more energy than just using a screen saver.
  5. Use Energy Star appliances – Some use up to 30% less energy than conventional appliances.
  6. Utilize shade – Whether it’s a tree, an umbrella, or some curtains, shade can cool you down tremendously and is completely free.