Food Systems

Whittier College is a campus of about 1,600 students, 51% of which live and eat almost entirely on campus. Our mission was to investigate the food systems that exist on campus and see what is being done and what can be done to make the ways of eating on campus more sustainable. This section will focus on the Campus Inn and its sustainability plus potential programs, specifically within the college’s urban garden that can be implemented to remove stress from the environment. Many of these potential programs are additionally beneficial to the school economically speaking. If we grow our own food, we don’t have to pay for it. Additionally, if we compost our food waste we no longer have to pay to have it taken to a landfill or for fertilizer to use in the urban garden.IMG_4757

Along with our in depth study of the food systems here on campus, we also discovered creative ways to display our urban gardening through DIY projects around campus. In this way, not only can we grow food sustainably for the campus, but we can also increase awareness by creating something that makes people on campus stop and notice it.


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