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Whittier College is currently in the process of becoming more sustainable through many different projects around campus which


  • Turf conversion 
  • Reintroduction of native/ drought-tolerant plants
  • Auditing of current sprinkler systems
  • Mulching
  • New water scheduling
  • Installation of drip irrigation systems
  • Installation of greywater system

The school has reduced their water usage on landscaping by 20% according to Shawn Larson, grounds manager. We continue to limit the amount of water that we use as a community. With these programs happening and also the installation of new shower heads and the replacement of leaking faucets, the school can save up to 40% of the water that we were previously using. This is according to an interview with Bill Weinmann, Director of Facilities. The climate also plays a role in the amount of water we save. We use more water in the summer months because of the hot weather. During the colder months however, we can save more water because there is typically rainfall in the colder months. There is not an estimate yet for these months because we are currently in the cold season but it is expected that we could reduce water usage by approximately 30%. The school also hopes to reduce water use around campus more in the coming future, for now this is a great start and the school is steadily improving with each project!




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