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Whittier College is undergoing some major renovations, the changes all around campus are made in an effort to make the whole school more sustainable. Most of the changes around campus are in landscaping- in an attempt to convert green space to more water conscious/drought tolerant landscape (aka diverse landscaping) to better fit the current climate changes of Southern California. Due to a lot of changes going on there is a lot of activity going on around campus, here at Whittier College we like to keep everyone from students to staff well informed and up to date, to help with this we have signs placed all over campus to notify one to the presence of any landscaping changes that are being made. The signs should be more informative instead of simply saying, “Turf Conversion.” Considering most people think of AstroTurf when discussing turf, it would be helpful to differentiate between the two.  Along with signs we hope to soon be putting up plaques for each designated ‘diverse landscaping’ area that explains each plants purpose and why Whittier College benefits from these changes. 

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Facilities Department
13729 Earlham Drive
T: 562.907.4261 F: 562.907.4891


Bill Weinmann
Director of Facilities


Jacqlyn Kennelly
Maintenance Manager


Shawn Larson
Grounds Manager


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