Future Implementations

We think that future implementations are mainly based on educating our future generations. In order to do this, Whittier College is planning to install various educational supplements in order to spread awareness around campus.

Our college is planning to create memos comprising of a variety of topics such as fun facts about recycling, things you did not know about recycling, and so on…. These memos will most likely be taped up in areas where it would be the most convenient for people to see and read. Here is an example that the school is currently working on:

DUC (2)

In addition to the memos, we plan to create an informative poster that lets students know what they can or cannot recycle. This would most likely be posted in convenient spaces such as near all recycling bins. Click here to see what you can or cannot put in the recycling bins on campus.


Taking a further step with the implementation of recycling bins, another option could be having labels on each bin as well as lists of all items that belong in the bins. This will help promote recycling and increase the amount of being recycled.  The picture below taken at Pepperdine University is a great example for maximizing the amount being recycled.


With increasing both the number of recycling-specific bins all over campus as well as the number of general recycling bins all over campus, Whittier College hopes to reach a 1 recycling bin: 1 trash bin ratio.


Recycling Day

A set day each semester that we dedicate to educating the overall campus community on the importance of recycling!