E-Waste on campus

E-Waste refers to discarded electronics. This can range from one’s laptop all the way up to a retired motor-controlled robot.  E-Waste is something that few pay attention to and therefore it is worth noting the distinguished efforts of the Whittier College campus in taking note of this sub-field of recycling.  Robert Olsabeck and the rest of IT Services have played an instrumental role in constantly putting out battery recycle bins throughout heavily visited places on campus such as the library.  Any and all electronic devices that a student wishes to discard, IT Services is ready to take off of one’s hands.  Only a few years ago, the college ended its business relationship with an E-Waste Collector that charged for E-Waste pickup because a faculty member noted that down the line, the company was not properly disposing of all of the College’s E-Waste.  IT Services decided to switch to Tycoon Materials. Now the workers there collect all E-Waste, except for lightbulbs.  When a set amount of items are brought, Tycoon Materials comes and picks these up to dispose of them properly.  These actions reveal the College Campus’ efforts in not only disposing of electronics but disposing of these hazardous materials properly.