Students’ Activities Fair

Students’ Activities Fair

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Hello Everybody!

These are some of the Phi Alpha Theta Students that were at the North Lawn at Whittier College for the Students’ Activities Fair yesterday at 4:30. We promoted the History Department on campus with food and drinks made from our very own garden that is by the Graham Athletic Center.

Here are some pictures of some Phi Alpha Theta students getting ready for the Students’ Activities Fair by picking some herbs and watering the SUrF Garden.

What is Phi Alpha Theta?

Phi Alpha Theta is the Historical Honors Society; in which one participate in the promotion of History as a major. They are encouraging people to learn more about the History Department on campus and what it means to be a history major. They have some ideas about what it means, but the Historical Honors Society would love to hear about your own ideas on how to get more people involved in the History Department!

Thank you!

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